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Lifetime value is the single most important metric of any digital business. If you are not optimizing it, you are missing a lot. Get the most comprehensive checklist that will boost your profit.
More than 11,250 business owners have increased their lifetime value because of my LTV checklist
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Did you know?
that 61% of online businesses have a profit margin of less than 5% or are losing money monthly? The success of any business depends on its ability to earn profits continually
The success of any business depends on its ability to earn profits continually
Biggest profitability killers
We prepared a list of tasks that you should do if you want to increase your profitability
Pricing option 1: implement paid trial (4 examples)
Sell subscriptions through your website, not on a mobile app (3 examples)
Implement customer's cancellation flow (5 examples)
Build a quiz funnel for cold traffic lead acquisition (7 examples)
Set up abandoned cart emails sequence (11 examples)
After the purchase, immediately upsell more products while the customer hasn't left (3 examples)
Implement personalization in your acquisition funnel (6 examples)
Try clickbait ads (9 examples)
Write an advertorial to warm up cold audience & explain your product (4 examples)
Answer your customer support emails within 12 hours (2 examples)
+200 more...
How much money are you losing right now?
You don’t have up-sells/cross-sells, or they are generating less than
20% of your business revenue?
You are collecting less than
30% emails from your store visitors?
You are above
1% of refunds & chargeback rates
These are just a few examples (out of 100s), but if it applies to you, not following simple and actionable steps from the checklist could mean losing over $100k annually
There's a better way 🔥
This checklist is your opportunity to get ahead with zero guesswork
Skip the hard work and get the exact strategies I used for generating more than $400M in revenue
How everyone else does it:
Pays a lot of money for mentors & consultants or reads 20 pages on Google
Blames rising advertising costs for poor results
Settles with mediocre results and hopes that one day it will get better
Mediocre results lead to frustration & lots of hours wasted
Goes through trial & error until they find something that works
How I do it:
Test new ideas really fast (in less than one week)
If the idea succeeds, I immediately implement all of the most important things listed in the checklist
Start generating profit
👆 Instead of guesswork, we simply use a checklist. With this, we were able to generate $10m per year just from email.
This checklist will put you in the top 5% of businesses making a profit
It doesn’t matter if you are already a 7, 8, or 9 figures business or starting out. Everyone has the same problems. Everyone wants higher profitability. It took me 4 years to develop this checklist, but now I use it daily.
The checklist includes:
195 actionable tasks to implement right now (they are already prioritized, you can just apply them immediately)
102 examples with Notion files & videos
Exact strategies I used to make $400M in revenues by scaling more than 15 companies.
Here's how
Hey - I'm Ethan, the founder of LTVProfit and the Chief Revenue Officer behind some of the most profitable digital businesses in the world.
At some point in my life, my team did over 1000 A/B tests each year. I've started 10+ companies that achieved $10M/year in revenue; at least 5 made $50M/year. I was always passionate about finding opportunities to grow. The LTV profit checklist is where I put my learnings.
You can follow the exact steps in your business to find out where you are currently leaving money on the table.
With my Lifetime Value Checklist, you can look at over 190 critical tasks, evaluate your business' performance and fix your issues. I'm here to show you all the quick wins so you can prioritize only the most essential things to give you the highest impact.
Grow your profits. Fast.
Get an exact action step that you can implement right now, with zero fluff.
Get an exact action step that you can implement right now, with zero fluff.
Step-by-step examples for the right flow setup
Exact strategy that has been used for $50M brands
The 3 biggest mistakes most online stores make
Getting lost with the right priorities. I get it. As an entrepreneur, you want to do everything to see your business thrive. Doing everything won’t take you to profitability. Doing the right things will.
Too much focus on ads & performance marketing. Don’t get me wrong - it’s important. But you should focus better on increasing your AOV & LTV. Even if your performance marketing efforts are not stable, you will be profitable and able to scale. This is what really matters.
Copying everything that competitors do. Competition research is great for ideas, but it’s terrible for strategy. When you know exactly what you should increase, you can start overlooking the competition to get new & fresh ideas.
These things matter — because they are actively preventing you from truly scaling your business.
How much faster would you be able to grow if you had more available money in your bank account?
You could be just a few steps away from making 1000 sales daily. Trust me, things only get better once you find what works, and you can scale it fast. Once you get there, your biggest problem is dealing with payment processors asking why transactions increased rapidly (you can send them the link to this page). You only need to click the button below and purchase the most comprehensive profit-focused checklist online.
Worried about the rising costs of advertising?
You have to accept the reality that ad costs will inevitably go up. Why?
Because everyone wants to make more money & competition is getting crazy.
How to avoid going out of business? Find ways how to earn more or spend less than your competition. They might be having lower conversion rates, their average order or lifetime value might be poor. You need to make more money than them if you want to stay in the game. Optimizing ads is a good idea, but focusing on them instead of your own website & operations is a huge mistake.
Find the lowest-hanging fruit on your online store
I didn’t want to make the checklist for accountants or CFOs. This is the checklist for every business owner that has online presence.
I’m not that type of person who loves to dig deep into the financial results to increase the profit margin by 0.01%. It’s fine, you can definitely do it, but please consider doing things that can double or triple your profits first.
The checklist will give you clear, actionable steps that will:
Decrease your customer acquisition costs
Increase your average order value
Increase your average order value & lifetime value
Skyrocket your conversion rates
With my Profit Checklist, you'll have a powerful tool to optimize every aspect of your online store. It includes over 200 important checkpoints that I wrote down from my personal experience. This means you can squeeze out every bit of your business potential. What's more, the checklist guides you on the exact steps to take, so you can easily implement changes that require minimal effort while generating significant improvements right away.
What’s inside the checklist?
Best pricing strategies that can uplift your profitability up to 70%
Actionable tasks to reduce your churn, refunds, chargebacks & cancellations
The best-working sales funnels (as of June 2023) that can double your conversion rate
No-code development & fast A/B testing strategies to save you tons of money
Up-to-date up-sells, cross-sells, and bump offers that you can just copy-paste & apply into your own business
Get your conversion-focused checklist NOW!
Profitability checklist
“The most comprehensive profit-focused checklist online”
Get the checklist that focuses on the most important things that impact profit
Increase average order value
Increase lifetime value
Increase conversion rates
Decrease refunds & chargebacks
Decrease cancellation rates
Decrease payment fees
FREE BONUS: examples of websites that did it right
Included: 200 critical tasks Checklist last updated: 06/07/2023
After payment, you will get your spreadsheet immediately.
1-on-1 Consultation
Get a complete hands-on audit of your website that includes 2-hour follow-up call. I will personally review it and list 50 things you should do right now to:
Increase average order value
Increase lifetime value
Increase conversion rates
Decrease refunds & chargebacks
Decrease cancellation rates
Decrease payment fees
Included: 200 critical tasks
Money-back guarantee
After your purchase, you have 14 days to start implementing checklist’s tasks on your website. If you are not satisfied or don’t see immediate results, I will refund your payment.
Why more than 11,250 business owners ❤️ this checklist
The LTV checklist will give you easy-to-follow & actionable steps that will:
decrease your customer acquisition costs
increase your average order value & lifetime value
boost your conversion rates
decrease refund & chargeback rates
More than 11,250 business owners have already increased their lifetime value because of my LTV checklist
Used by top executives from:
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It’s time for you to increase your profits today!
More than 11,250 business owners have already increased their lifetime value because of my LTV checklist.
Used by top executives from:
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